Beatrice Ajayi

Scottish Multi Media Artist Beatrice Ajayi uses her Nigerian heritage of storytelling with a range of characters in her art.

The stories that her mother and father taught her depicted proverbs and wisdoms for children and life. That aspect of sharing or narration style informs her approach and creation process of her subjects within her paintings.

Beatrice’s main topics cover ‘Childhood and Nature’. Beatrice uses both illustrative, 3-Dimensional and abstracted art styles to express her narratives. She loves to use colour, and her use of acrylic paint, collage, up-cycled and digital media give her the flexibility to share each narrative to its best.

Art Commissions Open

  • For more detailed art tips and process especially for beginner artists I also have online classes on Skillshare.
  • For everyday snippets in the ‘Lab’, which is what I call my studio, you can find me on my Instagram.
  • Facebook: so we can connect there too.
  • You can find some longer videos of my art process and thoughts on YouTube.

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